We are proud to offer you Professional service that you can count on.  On your schedule!
Basic Wiring- We will professionally install additional Electrical, Phone or Cable outlets. 
Advantage_ElectricService Calls- I
n most cases we offer same day responses to all of your electrical needs.
Service Upgrades- This is one of the most neglected parts of the electrical system on your home. Often times going with out service until its to late.  We will upgrade your Electrical Service ensuring that it is safe and provides enough power for your home. 


Rewiring-Trust that you are not going to have a fire because of old wiring and connections.  We can rewire your home room by room little at a time on your schedule.  

Hardwired Smokes and Carbon Monoxide Detectors-
Would you sleep better knowing that you had interconnected smoke detectors? If one sounds in alarm they all will.  This provides more time for the elderly  and people with disabilities to escape. This does save lives and your largest investment.


Remodels and Additions-Are you Remodeling or Renovating instead of buying a new home? Consider us for your rewiring needs. We will gladly give you an estimate. You may be pleasantly surprised.


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